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I was the Founder and Editor of the entertainment website, Squawk the Talk, which involved coordinating a pool of writers, each specialising in a different subject area. The topics covered included sport, music, film, TV and the Arts.

Website content writing and editing experience

I wrote articles for the website and edited the content written by other columnists. The website acted as an online entertainment magazine, full of news, reviews and features for film and TV lovers, sports enthusiasts and those interested in popular culture.

Squawk the Talk was a hub of articles and blogs written by entertainment fans for entertainment fans, to inform and excite readers.

Here’s a snapshot of the website below. It’s not live anymore.

Popular culture website Squawk the Talk

Here are some examples of the blog writing and articles on the website:

Popular culture website content Squawk the Talk

I’m also a wannabe screenwriter. I’m currently working on several pilot sitcom scripts. I was mentored by the BAFTA-winning screenwriter Stephen Beresford. His screenplay for the British film Pride won the Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer in 2015.

Screenwriting for TV and film, comedy scripts.

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