I spent two years as the Content Marketing Manager for a London-based digital marketing agency, where I managed the marketing activities of the agency and created regular inbound marketing content and strategies for agency clients.

My responsibilities included conceiving and implementing inbound marketing strategies and content plans for the agency, and for clients. I also looked after certain social media accounts, posting ad-hoc content, reacting to user engagement, building a tribe, and scheduling organic social posts to promote content and generate traffic and leads.

Inbound marketing content strategy

Content writing services for marketing agencies

For Enchant Agency, I wrote over 150 digital marketing blogs and created numerous downloadable marketing resources and guides. On this page, I’ve included some content marketing examples from my time working for this leading UK digital marketing agency.

Free resources page for Enchant Agency

I created content for the resources featured on the content offer downloads page of the agency’s website. Check out this screenshot of some of the resources available on the downloads page:

Enchant agency marketing resources

Here is a link to the agency’s marketing resources page:

Below are some blog writing examples from my work for Enchant Agency (across a range of marketing topics):

Email marketing

One of the agency’s key services was email marketing consulting. I wrote various blogs on different aspects of email marketing, plus the tools and tactics successful marketers use to nurture leads and customers.

Here is a screenshot from the marketing agency’s blog page:

Enchant Agency blog page featuring a blog post on the fundamentals of email marketing

Check out a couple of the blogs I wrote about email marketing strategy:

Social media marketing and paid social ads

With businesses becoming more aware of the importance of leveraging social channels for promoting their company and telling compelling brand stories, I wrote blogs on key social media marketing strategies and paid social campaign tactics, plus articles about new features and algorithm changes on the major social networks.

Here are some links to my blogs on paid social strategy:

Tech/marketing trends

The marketing world is a fast-evolving industry, with new technologies and user behaviours changing the landscape all the time. It’s important for companies to stay on top of the latest tools, tech and trends shaping the marketing industry. I wrote a range of blogs on new trends and innovations that brands should be aware of.

Check out these examples below:

Inbound marketing and lead generation

Inbound marketing was one of the key services offered by the marketing agency. Creating blogs about the benefits of inbound marketing was vital.

Here is a link to one of my blogs about inbound marketing strategy:

White paper on email marketing strategy for Smart Insights

Enchant collaborated with the leading marketing thought-leaders, Smart Insights, for a comprehensive guide to email marketing reengagement, which is an effective win-back strategy for email marketers to use to increase the value of their subscriber list.

Below is a link to this email marketing white paper:

Here’s a sneak-peak screenshot of the white paper report:

Smart insights email marketing reengagement guide

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