I spent 18 months writing business blogs and downloadable guides for a leading ecommerce consultancy and website development agency, Space 48, outlining the latest retail trends and expert ecommerce strategies.

The world of retail is changing and ecommerce is becoming more crucial than ever. Many High Street retailers continue to struggle in a fast-evolving digital landscape, heavily influenced by advancing technology, social media and changing consumer behaviours.

It’s a tough balancing act for merchants to juggle, maintaining a high-performing online store with a healthy footfall in physical stores, made harder by the increased competition from online retailers and the success pureplay ecommerce businesses.

Changing consumer trends in retail and ecommerce

Content writing services for ecommerce

I created and published approximately 100 ecommerce blogs and retail strategy guides for the UX website development specialists.

This content writing was part of an ongoing content marketing strategy, and covered some of the following topics:

  • Ecommerce platform strategy and optimisation
  • Tools and technology to enhance ecommerce strategies
  • UX design tactics
  • Key marketing channels for retailers
  • Conversion rate optimsation tips and tactics
  • Personalisation and marketing automation
  • Ecommerce industry events
  • Performance measurement, ecommerce KPIs and testing
  • Data analytics
  • User journey and customer experience

In addition to ecommerce strategy blogs and how-to guides, I created email marketing copy and campaigns, set-up and promoted ecommerce webinars, and edited various website content.

Content marketing for ecommerce consultancy

So, I have a great experience in planning and writing ecommerce content and creating inbound marketing campaigns, aimed at helping retailers improve their ecommerce strategies and websites, whilst driving new leads for the consultancy.

Here are some examples of the content writing services I provided for Space 48:

Ecommerce strategies content pillar page (skyscraper blog content)

SEO is evolving. Search behaviours have changed and online search is becoming more conversational, partly due to the influence of voice search and the sophistication of Google’s (and other research engines’) capabilities. This has caused the rise of content pillars, topic clusters and skyscraper blog content.

Here is a content pillar page I created, based around top ecommerce strategies:

Content offer/resources downloads page

I created the content for the ecommerce consultancy’s inbound marketing lead magnets, such as guides, checklists and other downloadable online resources. These lead magnets are featured here:

Here’s a screenshot from one of the lead magnets – a GDPR checklist for ecommerce businesses:

GDPR checklist for ecoomerce

Below are some examples of my blog writing work for Space 48. I wrote the vast majority of the blogs on Space 48’s website from January 2017 – July 2018. I’ve added some links below to give you an idea of the range of blog topics. These are ghostwritten blogs, assigned to relevant “authors” from the team.

Ecommerce tech integrations/platform partnerships blogs

Here are a couple of blogs I created about the consultancy’s technology partnerships:

Blogs on the latest ecommerce trends and technology

I wrote several blog posts on the latest ecommerce trends and the impact of advancing technology. Here’s a screenshot from one of these blogs:

Latest ecommerce trends 2018

Have a read through some of my blog writing examples, ghostwritten for the consultancy, based on the latest ecommerce trends:

Ecommerce strategy blogs

Many of the blogs and inbound marketing resources I created for the agency were focused on a range of different ecommerce strategies, to help retailers improve their performance. I’ve added some blog post examples below:

GDPR debrief blog for retailers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a hot topic in 2018 and a big concern for marketers and businesses. In my role as an inbound marketing strategist for the client, I helped the consultancy implement the processes required to become GDPR compliant.

I also created blogs and other inbound content, offering advice to retailers to get prepared for GDPR. Below is a debrief blog I wrote about how retailers coped in the build-up to the data compliance deadline and the different approaches that brands took. Here’s a screenshot below:

GDPR debrief blog for retailers

Have a read of the blog post:

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